Academic Honors in 2021-22

Pictured from left to right: Brandon Belanger, Seth Lane, Nathan Stocks, Linda Huckaby, Tim Reynolds, Heather Tennies, Tim Vukosich. 2nd row left to right: Leona Meyer, Darlene Anderson, Deanna Bagley, Amanda Neitzel, Cassandra Schultz, Amber Schultz, Jennifer Ainslie, Heidi Quackenboss, Shellin Eck, Megan Marks. Front row left to right: Mina Vang-Xiong, Christina Brueggemann, Blanca Almarez, Tammy Wentlandt, Rebecca Christenson, Ashley Aden, Alaska Burroughs

On April 21, MPTC Academic Honor Society/PTK Advisors Amy Harmsen and Anne Lemke, hosted a celebration to congratulate the 146 MPTC students who attained a 3.5 GPA or above with at least 12 credits towards an Associate’s Degree during this academic year; and are new members of our MPTC Academic Honor Society, and/or Phi Theta Kappa. Special recognition was given to 66 Academic Honors Students who are graduating this Spring with Honors (3.5-3.74 GPA) or High Honors (3.75 and above).

President Bonnie Baerwald and Dean of General Studies Brenda Raad presented each student with a flower and honors emblem keepsake. Graduates also received their Silver (honors) or Gold (high honors) cords to be worn with pride at graduation.

President Baerwald said, “It is an honor for me to participate in this ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate academic excellence. Established over 100 years ago in 1918, the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society recognizes and encourages academic achievement of students at two-year colleges.  PTK is an organization that has over 3.5 million members in the United States and 10 sovereign nations.  Our own MPTC Academic Honor Society is also an opportunity for our students achieving high academics.  Membership in both or either of these groups is a special honor for outstanding students.  Congratulations!  I applaud your commitment to academic success and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.”  

Dean Brenda Raad said, “It is my pleasure to congratulate you all on your accomplishments.  Each year thousands of students attend Moraine Park Technical College; today we acknowledge those whose achievement, commitment and academic performance deserve the highest recognition.  I encourage you to always search for truth and to dedicate yourselves to the cultivation of lifelong education, service and honor.  Congratulations!”

High Honors PTK/AHS Student Graduate Mina Vang-Xiong was the featured speaker. Mina said,

“Today, I stand here because I decided to change my career path from Healthcare to Technology. I enrolled in the IT l dual program- Network Specialist and Technical Support specialist January of 2020 with a goal to just achieve a degree. I have a full-time job, am a full-time student, and mother of 3. I became an MPTC leader and a voice for my fellow students.  I achieved academic excellence and was on the Dean’s list for all semesters. I am currently an Academic Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa member, President of IT Club, Vice President of Student Senate, and active around my community. I am a nominee for student of the year, recipient of the Leadership and Services award and the recipient of the Presidents’ Student Community Impact Award.  What I learned from being engaged in opportunities Moraine Park offers allowed me to tap into my sense of purpose. Involvement and opportunities gave me the resources I needed to be a successful leader.”

Students being recognized include: PTK Member ^ AHS Member ~

Honors Graduate * High Honors Graduate **

Olaide Adams ^

Ashley Aden ~**

Jennifer Ainslie ^~*

Blanca Almaraz Ortiz ~ *

Kaci Al-Saadi ~*

Trina Anderson ^**

Darlene Anderson ~**^

William Arkens ~

Deanna Bagley ^~

Jasmine Barma ~

Brandon Belanger ~**

Taylor Biermann ^

Amanda Blawat ^~

Brianna Bliesner ^**

Kira Bock ~

Heather Boden ^~

Krysta Bohl ~**

Jeanna Brault ~**

Christina Brueggemann (Sutula) ^**

Alaska Burroughs ^**

Sabrina Bury Weymier ^**

Alyssa Buske ^~**

Rebecca Christenson ~**

Halle Collins-George ^~**

Sydney Comstock ^~*

Annmarie Costa ^**

Chad Crass ^

Hannah Cunningham ~

Laura Davis ~**

Jasmine Davis ~

Morgan Diels ^~

Jamie Dornaus ^

Michelle Drake ^*

Madeline Dumproff ~*

Maxfield Dunkirk ~

Schellin Eck ^

Ariana Estep ^~

Deanna Fabela ^*

Gilbert Flocker ~**

Eric Freiberg ~*

Meredith Freund ^*

Callie Gappa ~

Kassandra Garcia Enriquez ^**

Edward Gbordzi ^**

Laurie Gerth ^*

Tanner Goodchild ~

Emily Gosh ^~**

Katherine Gripentrog ^**

Lindsey Gruber ~

Kylie Guell ^

Taylor Hafemeister ^

Amanda Hartsell ^

Joshua Hebard ^

Lindsey Held ~

Dylan Henriksen ~

Skyler Hibicki ~

Linda Huckaby ~

Emma Huehns ^~**

Kylie Hupf ^~

Jessica Hurley ^

Kelly Ingish ~*

Annette Ireland ^*

Samantha Kahlscheuer ^~

Bethany Kasten ^~**

Quinton Kauper ~

Christopher Kempf ^

Jeffrey Kern ^~ **

Dulcie Kind ~

Erika Kirchoff ^

Kaitlyn Koenitzer ~

Adelina Korcari ~

Chera Koss ^~

Ala Kowalske ^**

Haley Krumenauer ~

Elizabeth Kussmann ^*

Seth Lane ^~*

Stephanie Langlois ^**

Kelly Macheel ^*

Megan Marks ^~**

Emmet Mason ^*

William McGrath ~

Denise Meyer ^

Leona Meyer ~

Daniel Mischler ^

Danielle Nealey ^**

Amanda Neitzel ^~*

Victoria Nelson ~

Allison Newman ~

Olivia Notz ~

Dustin Odden ^**

Hannah Oliver ~

Christopher Ormsby ^

Emily Peschong ^

Kristen Petzer ^~*

Kira Pirrung ^

Brian Pitt ^~

Alexander Poston ~

Cynthia Prosser ^~

Heaven Protsman ~

Heidi Quackenboss ^

Heather Quickle ^~**

MacKenzie Rahn ^**

Debbie Ramos ^

Benjamin Raupp ^~

Meghann Reigle ^*

Tim Reynolds ^~

Amberly Ritchie ^*

Kelly Robinson ^**

Holly Rodgers ^~

Nicholas Rodriguez ^**

Johnathon Roeber ^

Angela Rose ^~

Georgia Roth ^*

Katey Ryan ~*

Hannah Schaefer ~

Kaylene Scherer ^~

Amber Schultz ~**

Cassandra Schultz ~*

Natasha Scott ~

Paige Seymer ~

Sydney Skindzelewski ~

Brittany Snyder ^**

Jeffrey Sonnleitner ^**

Kaytlin Sterba ~*

Nathan Stocks ^~*

David Stringham ^**

Carmen Struck ^

Austin Strutz ^

Shawna Talakowski ^~

Heather Tennies ^~

Ceann Thuecks ^**

Dominic Tisler ^

Saul Trevino ~**

Mina Vang-Xiong ^~**

Willow Vellema ~

Abigail Verhunce ^**

Gabrielle Vickman ~

Timothy Vukosich ^**

Brooke Wargula ^

Olivia Weikert ^

Jacqueline Wells ^

Tammy Wentlandt ^~**

Laine West ^~

Go Song Yang ~

Kyle Zeitlin ^~

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator