Are You Interview Ready?

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Graduates … are you ready to rock your next interview?  The more you prepare for your job interview, the more confident you will appear to the prospective employer. The following steps will help you prepare for the interview. When it comes to interviews, the most common advice is to be honest and be yourself.

Research the Company

A key resource for job-seekers is information. Research the company and review the job description before the interview. Learn as much as you can about the company so you can demonstrate how you meet the employer’s needs. The Internet is an excellent resource to locate information about the company. Interviewers will look more favorably on a candidate who has made the effort to research the company and the position.

You will want to research:

  • Essential purpose of the business. Check out the company website and cover the basics (History, Mission statement, Types of services/products offered, Industry, Customers, Competitors and Locations)
  • Learn the employer’s distinctions/awards
  • Know the names of important executives
  • If you know who will be interviewing you, research his or her information on the website or LinkedIn
  • Have an idea about the pay scale
  • Learn how workers dress

Develop Prove it Statements

Throughout your interview you will want to focus on your skills that match the employer’s needs/qualifications. The time you spend preparing “Prove-it” statements will assist you in developing strong interview responses that will help land you the job.

List 10 strengths that describe you well in relation to the job for which you are interviewing. For each strength, develop a “Prove-It” statement:

  • Provide a “good story” that shows you managing a customer conflict, solving a problem, putting forth more effort than required, etc.
  • Quantify it: provide volume, amount, etc.; “Deposited more than $25,000 nightly.”
  • Provide results: as a result, did you increase productivity, reduce turnover?


An important step in your interview preparation is practicing interview questions. This will build confidence and allow you to be more relaxed during your interview.

  • Practice answering interview questions out loud in front of a mirror or with family and friends. Although you do not want to sound rehearsed, you want to think through your responses before the interview.
  • Practice modeling good nonverbal communication skills. It is important that you exhibit professional nonverbal communication skills during the interview. Speak clearly and effectively, listen attentively, maintain eye contact, SMILE and resist distractions that may steal your attention.
  • Practice answering common interview questions. Anticipate questions that may be asked during the interview and prepare answers beforehand to some of the more difficult or sensitive question.
  • Video yourself and take note of your body language and mannerisms. Keep your body language open. Also, watch your use of filler words such as “um”, “actually”, “so”, etc.  Note: The Career Centers have a web-based mock interview platform to enhance your interviewing skills. Stop by one of the Moraine Park Career Centers to get started using Interview Stream.
  • Ask a Moraine Park Careers Instructor for help and request a mock interview.
  • Continue practicing until you feel confident and prepared.



Moraine Park Careers Instructors are available to assist you with interviewing, as well as other job seeking assistance (résumés, cover letters, and applications). Class schedules are available at:

Moraine Park Careers Instructors

Rhonda Roehrig (FdL Campus) –920-924-3244 |

Kim Braatz (Beaver Dam Campus) – 920-887-4437 |

Lisa Ferguson (West Bend Campus) – 262-335-5773 |

Written by Lisa Ferguson
Careers Instructor