Checking Gen Eds Off Your Holiday To-Do List

Home for the holidays and looking to stay busy?

Even students from other schools can knock out a General Education class at Moraine Park this winter! Winterim courses run in early January, before the spring semester begins, and options include Developmental Psychology, Intro to Sociology, Intro to Psychology, Intro to Ethics, and English Composition 1.

Developmental Psychology is just one course that has room for more students this winterim session—and the class includes fascinating information about the human lifespan. Ever wonder how a child learns language? How babies learn to crawl, or how vision develops over time? When do you think a baby can actually see your face, or when a child learns morally and ethically what is right or wrong? The course covers these topics as well as decision-making in adolescence, how brain development affects decision making in later teen years, and even what process your body goes through as you get to the end of your life.

Developmental Psychology and other classes will transfer to several four-year colleges and universities, too! For example, here are just a few of the schools where Developmental Psychology can transfer:

  • UW Oshkosh – Developmental Psychology
  • UW Milwaukee – Child Psychology
  • UW Green Bay – Intro to Human Development

The two-week course meets in the Fond du Lac campus on January 3-16, 2017 (MWTRF), from 8:30-11:30 a.m. (Course Registration Number 30168). Call 920-924-3195 or email Kim Harrington at to learn more about getting started with Gen Ed offerings. It’s a great—and inexpensive!—way to earn some college credits while home for the holidays.

Written by Amy Patterson
Associate Dean of General Education