Cosmetology “Highlights” – The Life of a New Student

Did you ever wonder what the first day is like for a Cosmetology student?  It looks a little like Christmas here at Moraine Park Technical College!  The students get to unload their student kit which equips them with the tools to learn how to be a successful cosmetologist.Follow the 2017/2018 Cosmetology class weekly updates!  Or better yet, come be part of the fun!  Enroll in the Cosmetology program.

Students checking equipment off their list.

Unloading boxes!

Digging to the bottom of the box.

Making sure all supplies are enclosed.

Manikin heads for practicing.

Lots of fun tools!

Instructor, Danielle Jacques, helping students unload their kits.

Ready, set, go!

Students get 46 combs!

The student kit contains shears, razors, curling irons, combs, brushes, capes, makeup brushes, nails supplies, perm rods, color accessories and manikin heads.

New student unpacking her kit.


Written by Michelle Freund
Admin Aide - Cosmetology