The Dream Big project started last year with Boys and Girls Club of Fond du Lac teens learning more about the over 100 careers available through MPTC.  This year, Dream Big is expanding throughout the MPTC district to include Boys and Girls Club of the Tri-County Area (Berlin, Green Lake County) and Boys and Girls Club of Washington County (West Bend).  This is a great community partnership opportunity for Moraine Park students to showcase their careers and practice service learning  and for Boys and Girls Club members to get excited about career choices!

Fond du Lac Boys and Girls Club Teen Center Staff Member Morgan said, “This was an exciting experience for our teens!  Our limit was ten teens to bring to the program today and I left quite a few sad faces back at the Club!  Our staff is always looking for ways to help kids explore careers, get excited about college and be ready with the the life skills they need for the world of work.  Our teens today got a tour of the Cosmetology program, learned what classes a student needs to take to graduate in this career, and experienced nails and hair braiding.  I even got my hair braided, perfect for my volleyball game tonight!  Thank you MPTC!”  

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Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator