Moraine Park Students Helping West Bend THRIVE!


The students in Moraine Park’s marketing and social media management online class, led by instructor Sarah Ninmer, recently developed a plan geared towards bringing life back to downtown West Bend. On December 3, students Tony Lechner, Heidi Mahoney, Jeremiah Kastner, and Chevy Holub presented this service learning project to Adam Gitter, West Bend economic development manager.

The Moraine Park student marketing team began this project in early September with gathering demographics, city background, and researching downtown West Bend to determine objectives and create a media plan with a timeline and budget.  They worked with Adam to develop a market analysis, behavior profile and SWOT analysis. 

The team decided on a beautiful and colorful branding slogan of THRIVE! This new theme is an active, full of promise word that will help bring the future of downtown West Bend to life, focusing on restaurants, the arts, the riverwalk, family friendly, dog-friendly, and all of the exciting downtown events! They also worked hard to make sure their marketing plan would be inclusive and open to all no matter age, gender, class, and ethnicity. Adam was pleased and excited to learn about the new plan with all the great ideas and research from the Moraine Park team! Great work!

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Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator