Eleven Babies Born in MPTC’s Simulation Center

nursing students around birthing simulator

Written by Kim Mueller and Sheena Hoekstra

It’s a boy! No, it’s a girl! No, it’s both!

Since early February, eleven simulation babies were born at the Beaver Dam simulation center. The first five were high-risk pregnancies, training 4th-semester nursing students on how to manage pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes during labor and delivery. The remaining six were normal pregnancies that helped train 2nd-semester nursing students on the basics of labor and delivery with a healthy mom and baby. These simulations were also facilitated at the West Bend simulation center for nursing students, delivering six simulation babies. Students from both Beaver Dam and Fond du Lac attended the simulations in Beaver Dam to reinforce theory content in Complex Health Alterations 2 and Nursing Health Promotions.

Faculty used the Sim Mom mannequin and other models to teach assessment and intervention skills like determining cervical dilation and completing fundal massage.

Some of the feedback students give about how simulation helps their learning includes helping put all the pieces together, being a low-stress environment to learn and feel safe to make mistakes, as well as being able to conceptualize information that they previously were confused about. Hands-on learning really makes a difference in their nursing education.

Written by Kimberly Mueller
Nursing Instructor