Escape Wisconsin!

All staff and students are invited to join our MPTC Cultural Connections team for a virtual tropical getaway! Enjoy some Fair Trade chocolate and coffee while you experience a virtual 3D tour of some beautiful and warm tropical locations!

RSVP here to join any of our upcoming dates.

MPTC Cultural Connections is an exciting, fun way to build real world career and life skills, gain self confidence and expand your awareness of diversity, global perspectives, and social responsibility.

If you are unable to join us for the virtual tour dates in person or online, please feel free to explore on your own:

*Sign up at Study Abroad Association here. Make sure to use your MPTC email address.

*Check your email for a confirmation message.

*Log in here to 360 Global Learning

MPTC has a subscription to the Global Perspectives package with over 35 locations to explore! You can access 360 Global Learning with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. To view locations in 3D try some virtual reality goggles!

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator