FDL High School Students Face Reality at MPTC

Earlier this month, students from Fond du Lac High School participated in ‘Reality Day’ at the Moraine Park Technical College Fond du Lac Campus conference center as part of their personal finance class.

The event provided a virtual simulated experience where students were challenged to manage their finances as they navigated through real-life scenarios. The students chose their careers and had a set income to work with throughout the exercise. Some expenses they were tasked to work through included children, transportation, clothing, leisure and entertainment, charitable giving and more.

For some students, managing their finances made them think twice about their future careers and spending habits. Sam Giese, a Fond du Lac High School senior, reflected on her experience. “I ended up with -$286,” she said. “One thing I learned is I want to make more money than an author, which is the job I chose for the day.”

Moraine Park employee volunteers were stationed throughout the conference center to advise students as needed.

“I chose to volunteer for Reality Day because it’s a great experience for the students,” Cynthia Collins, Moraine Park Leadership Development Instructor, said. “As instructors, it’s important to interact with area high school students to build relationships and share insight. For many students, Reality Day is eye-opening and can be scary when they think about their futures, so it’s great to be able to guide them through it and answer any questions they have.”

Fond du Lac High School finance teacher, John Quella, encouraged students to make connections and ask thoughtful questions as they worked through the exercise.

“Never throw anyone off of your island of support, and always think about what’s in your best interest,” Quella told his students. “Constantly build up your references and resume, and create a network of people you can turn to later on.”

The event was in partnership with CESA 6, a non-profit, member-driven cooperative educational service agency headquartered in Oshkosh, WI.

Written by Emilie Wilson