GED/HSED Completion Ceremony – Meet a graduate!

Happy spring, and congratulations to all students receiving a GED or HSED this year. On May 27, we’ll be celebrating all the graduates from this year and last, so look for your invitation and join us on the 27th!

Each year, students work hard to complete their GED/HSED requirements, and every student comes with a story of how they came to Moraine Park Technical College. Many also have a clear plan for what they want to do next, whether it’s to get a great job or pursue further education. One such student is Ariel Baute, who chose a different path.

Ariel came to MPTC last fall, with a determination to earn his HSED and move on to his next goal of joining the army. He did just that, earning his HSED in January, but Ariel will miss the graduation ceremony because he is currently doing his basic training in Georgia. His plan is to continue with advanced training to become a member of 19 Delta Airborne, where he’ll be a Cavalry scout and paratrooper.

Ariel hasn’t chosen the easiest path, but we’re sure he will approach it with the same grit and determination he did his HSED. We wish him every success in his service to the country. Thank you, Ariel!

For more information about the GED program or this year’s graduation ceremony, call Ann at 920-924-6393.

Photo: Ariel Baute of Fond du Lac, with Deb Schuh, Fdl Instructor

Written by Nancy Esposito