Moraine Park Partners with Hartford Union High School

This spring semester, Moraine Park’s Adult Education department started a new partnership with Hartford Union High School. Annette Meihack, a Moraine Park Adult Education Instructor, is spearheading this new partnership as part of our 5.09 program.

The 5.09 program offers classes to students to help them earn their GED and HSED credentials. It is different from the traditional GED test as the program is competency-based. Students are able to earn a high school credential without having to take the official tests. It is for students who have test anxiety or call another language their home language. Often, students with a different home language have to translate back and forth and the time factor is an issue.

The goal of our partnership with Hartford is to help students graduate after encountering some difficulties due to the Covid–19 pandemic. For example, some students struggled with remote learning. Some students were sick and fell behind in their classes. We want to help these students graduate on time.

Currently, there are five students from Hartford Union High School participating in the program. Students are bussed to the Moraine Park West Bend campus to work with our 5.09 instructor, Annette Meihack, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We hope that the program and partnership continue to grow and have great success throughout this semester and beyond.

“We want all of these students to earn a credential, work well in society, and obtain good jobs and skills,” said Meihack.

If you or someone you know is interested in earning their GED or HSED credentials, you can contact Moraine Park Technical College at 920-924-6393 or

Nemonja, Hartford Union High School student
Written by Margaret Grunst
ELL instructor for Moraine Park at the West Bend campus.