Why Students Choose MPTC

There are many advantages to receiving technical education, including lower tuition, smaller class size, greater flexibility, and a shorter time commitment. In celebration of #CareerTechEd Month this February, join us in recognizing the value of career and technical education for our students, the future workforce and our economy. Keep reading to learn about why our students chose MPTC and a technical education.

Marisa Behlke, Surgical Technology

“After high school, I attended a university but ended up transferring to Moraine Park because I wanted a more hands-on career, and the surgical tech program had a lot to offer,” Marisa said.

Izak Gruber, Gas Utility Construction and Service

“I wanted to go to a technical college because you get more of an open schedule, and I didn’t want to commit four years of my life to learning,” Izak said. “Moraine Park seemed more appealing to me. I liked the idea of having more opportunity and fewer restrictions.”

Sydney Skindzelewski, Early Childhood Education

“I love Moraine Park because of the smaller class size,” Sydney said. “I transferred from a university, and I’m glad I did. There is more one-on-one attention here and you can tell the instructors really care about your success.”

Zachary Prator, Welding Bootcamp

“The Welding Bootcamp was exactly what I needed,” Zach said. “It’s quick, and I can begin working in my trade right away. Plus, the instructors here not only teach you course material, but they have also taught me meaningful life lessons and made me a better person.”

Mailia Bachleitner, Information Technology

“I came to Moraine Park because I want to further my education, and I heard that technical colleges are flexible and more affordable,” Mailia said.

Written by Emilie Wilson