Going All In(clusive)

Spread the Word: Inclusion

When was the last time you went All In(clusive)–totally committed to something, took a chance and bet everything, or stood up for something you believed in? People with a variety of disabilities still face exclusion, social abuse, and social isolation in schools, workplaces and communities; preventing us from building truly inclusive societal structures where we can grow and learn from one another.

So…what can you do to be more inclusive?

  • Be respectful of others’ unique abilities
  • Stand up for yourself and others
  • Create opportunities for inclusive activities in your school or community
  • Be brave, take action and lead a change
  • Give others a voice
  • Celebrate differences

Show your support on Moraine Park’s campuses from 12-2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1 by signing the “I Pledge to Spread Inclusion” banner and make a personal commitment to “go all in” by being more inclusive and receive an “I PLEDGED” sticker.

MPTC banner locations:

Fond du Lac/West Bend Campuses – Cafeteria entrance

Beaver Dam Campus – Front Entrance

Together, let’s show our support for inclusion.

Written by Emilie Wilson