Meet Mary Daley–Moraine Park’s New Tutoring Services Specialist

Mary standing

Mary Daley recently started as Moraine Park’s new Tutoring Services Specialist. Daley comes from K-12 education where she worked as a kindergarten teacher.  

“I wanted a change, but also wanted to stay in education,” Daley said. “I’m excited to help students in a new way at Moraine Park.” 

In her new role, Daley recruits peer tutors, professional tutors and tutor specialists, and matches them with students based on their programs and classes. 

“Some students need peer tutors, some need professional tutors and some need the Student Center–every student is unique and has different needs to be met,” Daley said. 

Daley looks forward to improving the tutoring program and introducing new ways for students to get help with their coursework. 

Contact Mary for any tutoring needs: 

(920) 924-6488 

FDL Campus 

Written by Emilie Wilson