Health and Wellness Student Thinking Critically & Creatively

“As I approached my last semester of the Health and Wellness program, I decided to enroll in the Think Critically and Creatively course. I didn’t think it would be that difficult of a class, but it challenges me in an unexpected way. It’s not your typical classroom set up – group discussions are the norm by talking about what you learned from a video or by using the Elements of Thought model to examine case studies and issues. This class challenges you to really think and use your brain – in a way that, for me, hasn’t been used that way in awhile.

This class will help me become successful in my career because I now have valuable knowledge about how to think critically and solve problems outside the box. When thinking this way, I will be able to come up with new solutions. Thinking critically will be useful in the Health and Wellness field because not everyone is the same so they will need different solutions and ways that they can implement healthy living tips into their daily lives. I have loved this class so far and I think everyone should take it! I’ve learned valuable knowledge from Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss and also learned more about myself and how to push myself to think differently. “

Written by:  Kelly Prom,
Health & Wellness Program Student

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor