High School Art Contest Winners!

Congrats to the participants and winners of the High School Art Contest, hosted by Moraine Park Technical College’s Graphics program.


  • FIRST PLACE Riley Steckert- “In Thought”- Fond du Lac High School
 "In Thought"
“In Thought”
  • SECOND Haleh F- “Waiting”- Berlin High School
  • THIRD Olivia Holland- “Poor Sole”- Waupun High School
  • FOURTH Abbey Freimark- “Lacoste”- Berlin High School
  • FIFTHOlivia Holland- “Thoughtful Thinking”- Waupun High School

Digital Photo

  • FIRST Haley Brenner- “Woolly Hair Day”- Campbellsport High School
Woolly Hair Day
“Woolly Hair Day”
  • SECONDNatalie Jens- “Graceful”- Beaver Dam High School
  • THIRDHailey Brenner- “Warmth in Winter”- Campbellsport High School
  • FOURTHBrianna Livingston- “Aura”- Beaver Dam High School
  • FIFTHAndrew Schoenwetter- “Finding Pattern”- Beaver Dam High School

Digital Illustration Category

  • FIRST PLACE Andrea Langholff – “Starfish”- Fond du Lac High School
  • SECOND Andrea Langholff- “He’s Got A Gun”- Fond du Lac High School
  • THIRD Katie Rozmarynoski- “Space Granny”- Berlin High School
  • FOURTH Cassidy Schneider- “Happy Boy”- New Holstein High School
  • FIFTH Briana Stewart- “Book Fantastic”- Beaver Dam High School

Painting Category

FIRST PLACE Abbey Freimark “Hidden Within Nature”- Berlin High School

“Hidden Within Nature”
  • SECOND Amie Rabadan- “Ripple”- Horace Mann High School
  • THIRD Willow Roseneau- “Everything Is Blue”- Fond du Lac High School
  • FOURTH Amie Rabadan- “Piggy”- Horace Mann High School
  • FIFTH (tie) Savannah Killian- “Jack”- Random Lake High School
  • FIFTH (tie) Olivia Holland- “Emotions”- Waupun High School

Posters/Publications Category

  • FIRST PLACE Abbey Freeman- “Soccer Poster”- Berlin High School
"Soccer Poster"
“Soccer Poster”
  • SECOND John Gonzales- “Drip Poster”- Berlin High School
Drip poster
“Drip Poster”

Sculpture Category

  • FIRST PLACE Riley Steckert- “Bubbles”- Fond du Lac High School
  • SECOND Tara Lisowe- “Panic”- Fond du Lac High School
  • THIRD Corrin Ewald- “The Glistening Tree”- Berlin High School
  • FOURTH Hailey Brenner- “Purr-fect love”- Campbellsport High School
  • FIFTH Katie Rozmarynoski- “Seaside Salt and Pepper Shakers”- Berlin High School

Traditional Illustration Category

  • FIRST PLACE Katie Rozmarynoski-“Route 54”- Berlin High School   
Route 54
“Route 54”
  • SECOND Kylee Spanbauer- “Studies in Pen” Waupun High School
pen art
“Studies In Pen”

T-shirt Design Category

  • FIRST PLACE Abbey Freimark- “Mirrored Faces”- Berlin High School
“Mirrored Faces”
Written by Kristina Haensgen
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