Hired Before Graduation: A new path. Three decades later

Female Moraine Park student hired before graduation

The rewards of the Chiropractic field are many for Debra Lynn Riedel.

“Learning about chiropractic and all the wonderful outcomes of those using chiropractic to help relieve pain has been inspiring. I get so excited seeing the body do amazing things by staying adjusted and allowing the nerve communication to work uninterrupted. I love the natural healing that chiropractic brings to the patients and I love being a part of a chiropractors team who helps patients get out of pain.”

Thanks to her education at Moraine Park Technical College, Riedel hasn’t had to wait long to become part of a team. In fact, she has landed multiple jobs before graduation!

“I have already been hired by Bauer Chiropractic in Fond du Lac as a Chiropractic Technician,” Debra said, adding I hope to become a integral part to the office team staff in supporting the many patients of Bauer Chiropractic. Prior to this hiring I was hired by Ager Chiropractic in Sun Prairie, Wis. I was hired there in June 2015 and I am leaving [there] to go work for Bauer Chiropractic.”

Considering how long it took her to return to school, Debra’s journey into the chiropractic field is an inspiring one as well – and she encourages others to pursue their passions, too.

“Well I went to college in the mid 80s and received a BS at UW-Madison. Now almost exactly 30 years later I am here at Moraine Park getting an associates degree. You are never too old to learn something new. One of the things I realize the most is you have to continue to learn new things to keep life interesting. So go to college and enjoy learning!”

To learn more about Moraine Park’s Chiropractic Specialist program, among others, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

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