Hired Before Graduation: My Dream Job!

Moraine Park female student

The upcoming class of 2017 Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) students are entering a field that is exploding with opportunity! One of our students, Crystal Smith, is excited to begin her career in laboratory medicine. She chose our program after completing the phlebotomy certificate program at Moraine Park Technical College. After she enrolled in the phlebotomy course, she learned about the MLT program and decided to pursue a degree in MLT.

“I loved science and I wanted to be the one in the lab who tested the samples and was able to get answers from testing bodily fluids and other specimen. I knew that this was my destiny and I had to apply to the MLT Program,” Crystal said.

And that destiny is already well into motion!

Since completing her clinical rotation, Crystal has been hired by Consultant’s Laboratory at the Waupun location.

“Moraine park is an amazing school! I know that technical colleges are just as good as a four-year school! Moraine Park has taught me so much about what I need to know in the lab and has prepared me very well for the clinical lab. This program has given me a new outlook on life – my dream career. Being hired before graduation shows me even more how fantastically my education has prepared me to go into the work force,” Crystal said.

And the hands-on, engaging setting found at Moraine Park has been key to this preparation, she said.

“The hands-on approach to mastering material has really been an asset to my learning. I have gone to a four year college prior to Moraine park and think that Moraine Park is an amazing school. I was pushed to work hard but I understood that my instructors, Linda Bau and Dwane Klostermann, were supporting me and their intention was to make me the best medical laboratory technician I could be.”

Her advice to other students is to work hard and love what you’re doing!

To learn more about Moraine Park’s MLT program, as well as all of the College’s program offerings, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

Written by Linda Bau