Devin Kissinger = National Champion

Moraine Park Electrical student Devin Kissinger - Nation Champion

In April, we had several students compete at the State level Skills USA Competition.  During the State Skills Competition, Devin Kissinger competed in the Industrial Motor Control Competition and placed 1st while Norberto Almaraz competed in the Residential Wiring Competition and placed 2nd. Both were offered spots to compete at the National Skills USA Competition to be held at the end of June in Louisville, Kentucky.Devin 2 Final

During the National SkillsUSA Competition, students compete in their respective category for two days.  After their competitions were over, both of these recent MPTC graduates were mentally and physically exhausted but did very well in their respective competitions.  Devin Kissinger won 1st place in the Industrial Motor Control Competition at the National Skills USA Competition and  Norberto Almaraz placed 18th in the Residential Wiring competition during the National Skills USA Competition.

Mark Wamsley, the Electricity Club Adviser shared: “Devin has a lot of want, drive, and passion for this trade. He started in our Industrial Wiring Certificate classes in the spring of 2015 and then finished the rest of the program the following year.  When I had Devin in those Industrial classes I knew he was going to go places in this field.  He built things in our PLC class that I’ve never seen anyone do before.  It was great to see a student excel like this.  He’s definitely in the top 5 of the best and hardworking students that I’ve had over my eight-year career here at MPTC and I had high hopes for Devin in this competition.”


Written by Melanie Schroeder
Student Involvement Specialist