Moraine Park driver leads “Kulwicki Cup” standings

Alex Prunty race car

Alex Prunty is leading the pack!

Alex is a Moraine Park Technical College Alumni and owner/driver of the #11 Super Late Model we sponsor, and is an early leader in the 2016 Kulwicki Driver Development Program’s “Kulwicki Cup” point standings! Great job, Alex!

In the organization’s initial evaluation, which considered the seven drivers’ on and off-track performances from April 1 through June 30, Wisconsin’s Alex Prunty holds a 12-point lead over Maine’s Dave Farrington Jr.  California driver Jeremy Doss is in third and closing the gap.

Here’s the full standings.

  1. Alex Prunty – 463
  2. Dave Farrington Jr. – 451
  3. Jeremy Doss – 411
  4. Quin Houff – 319
  5. Michael Ostdiek – 280
  6. Cody Haskins – 269
  7. Brandon Setzer – 148

These seven drivers are competing this season for the 2016 “Kulwicki Cup” award that will pay one driver a $54,439 bonus and a special one-of a kind trophy at the organization’s banquet that will be held in Charlotte in December.

If you’re wondering, the KDDP points system is based on a combination of judging input from members of the advisory board and the drivers’ on-track performance.

Board members are asked to rank the drivers from first to seventh in their job of representing the organization and points are awarded for those rankings.  Each voter is given 10 discretionary “bonus” points to award the drivers for “exceptional contributions” to the program.  Community engagement, program representation and social media activities account for as much as 60 percent of the points total.  The remaining 40 percent of the points come from actual racing statistics. Race wins award 10 points, with 2nd-5th-place finishes getting 6 points, 6th-10th 4 points, 11th-15th 2 points and 15th-plus 1 point.

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