“I Returned to Finish my Degree…”

“My first thought when I had to take General Education courses was ‘Why do I have to do this?’ I delayed taking General Education courses for as long as I could.  Initially, I would attend the General Education course in the beginning and then end up dropping the course, thinking it was dumb or a waste of time. For a few years, I chose not to finish part of my degree. However, when I decided to return to finish my degree, I still had to complete the General Education courses I never wanted to take before. Enrolling in these courses was the most difficult part of the process since I knew I didn’t want to do them in the first place.  Fortunately, this time proved to be different.

Enjoying General Education courses
Luckily, I have enjoyed my General Education courses more than I anticipated, which helps to keep me motivated to finish the courses I am taking. Keeping everyone’s attention and engaged in the courses is not always easy, especially in the mornings, but one professor I have, Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss, is good at keeping you engaged and awake. It’s nice walking into a class in the morning and being greeted and being able to have a small conversation to get the day started and to keep everyone engaged and wanting to be there to learn and to participate.  In fact, all of my professors have been helpful and very understanding, especially if any issues would arise.

Advisors help choose courses
I also have had a really positive experience at Moraine Park with my advisor – Robin Kranz – who helped me choose courses that fit my work schedule, which is a big benefit of attending Moraine Park. The class offerings are either online or at multiple campus locations and at different times, which really help me so I can attend all of my classes on time with minimal stress about planning around my work schedule.

Choose Moraine Park
I also appreciate that MPTC is affordable.  I will not have to worry about paying off a mountain of debt.  I would encourage everyone who is considering a college degree to look at choosing Moraine Park.”

Written by:  Thomas Schamberger
Dual Degree Program student for IT-Network Specialist and IT-Technical Support Specialist

For more information on what Moraine Park has to offer, visit www.morainepark.edu 

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor