Today’s Students-Tomorrow’s Heroes

Student training to be firefighters unraveling the rope from the firetruck.

Ever wonder what it takes to be a firefighter?

Recently, 18 students in our Entry Level Firefighter 1 class, hosted by the Town of Fond du Lac Fire Department (TFDL FD), participated in a skills practice day. This day is designed to practice skills needed in the field and for State certification.

With the help of additional instructors and members of the TFDL FD, the skills practiced included:

  • Hose Loading/Unloading
  • Water Movement- Master Stream
  • Hose Rolls/Lays
  • Water Movement-Hydrant Operations
  • Water Movement- Hose Handing/Nozzles

Firefighter students testing a fire hose.

So, what’s next for these future firefighters?

60 hours of Entry Level Firefighter classes can be completed in one semester, which allows you to participate as an acting member for most Moraine Park district departments. Some departments will require State Certification at the Firefighter 1 level. To gain this certification, an additional 36 hours of coursework and a 16-hour Hazardous Material Operations class need to be completed and can be done in one additional semester. Certification also requires a written exam and a practical skills exam.

So the long and short, it takes some hard work and heavy commitment to be a firefighter!

Are you looking to expand your skills? For more information on firefighter certification or similar Moraine Park courses, visit

Also, volunteer firefighters are always needed, contact your local fire department for more information on how you can become involved!

Firefighter students unraveling fire hose from the fire truck.

Firefighter students test fire hydrant skills.

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller