Interested in taking the first step to a health care career?

Moraine Park CNA grads 2015

If you are interested in taking the first step to a health care career,  CNA summer boot camps – through our U.S. Department of Labor grant – might be the way to go!  The first step to apply to the grant is to attend an upcoming spring information session.  Sign up here!  There are dates and time choices available at all 3 campuses.

At the info session we will go through all the program details and get started on the application paperwork.  We will also ask you to choose a first and second choice of a summer session, and try our best to get you into your first choice.  Each boot camp can accept 10 students, with one Fond du Lac and one West Bend session this year, each having two instructors with 20 students. So, we will serve 60 students total this summer!

We do have grant priorities to follow for veterans and displaced workers before the general public, plus criminal background checks and health requirements for the program. It is a competitive process to get into the boot camps and last summer we had a waiting list!  Grant participants must be age 18 or above.

The boot camps are intense and accelerated at 3 weeks per session!  Since the boot camps are grant funded, no tuition is charged for the 3 credit course, but students still need to buy books, scrubs, and pay for admissions fees, background check, health requirements, etc.  We will go over all the total possible fees at the information session and funding sources such as workforce development who can help with fees.

If the boot camps don’t work out, MPTC also has CNA training all throughout the school year in an 8 week or 16 week regular format.  The regular schedule is found here:

Nursing Assistant is on page 17 for spring and on page 5 for the summer schedule.  You can call student services at 800-472-4554 to enroll or ask questions about any of those regular classes.

I would be glad to talk by email or phone with any questions. Reach me, Anne Lemke, at  or 920-924-3329.

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator