Journey to Achieve a College Degree

“I started this college adventure at a more advanced stage in my life than I ever thought I might. I came back to Moraine Park Technical College in search of getting 60 college credits for a promotion at work. I received that promotion, so now that I am into the educational process once again, I am continuing on for myself and finally earning a college degree. As a nontraditional student in the Criminal Justice program, I am looking at the educational process through different eyes than a lot of students. While there are many students in the college setting that are nontraditional, a great deal of them are following a career change and not searching for a degree in the field that they are currently employed in. Moraine Park Technical college has made me feel at ease through this adventure. I have been welcomed into the college atmosphere by staff and students as well.

The Think Critically and Creatively class offered through the college and the instructor Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss is another area where I feel welcomed in class each week. While over the years working in corrections, and as an EMT/Firefighter I have had to think outside the box.  I never really took into consideration that thinking critically and creatively was a learned process. I always took it as common sense. Dr.  Leichtfuss and the way she has her class designed has taught me that I can still improve daily on the thinking process – that thinking critically and creatively is a growth process that we should strive to improve on throughout our lives regardless of our career status or education.

I am looking to wrap up my degree after the Fall semester of 2019. While it has been a journey, I am glad I undertook the personal challenge of pursuing my degree. Taking the Think Critically and Creatively class is turning out to be an asset. I wish I would have registered for the class a little earlier on in my college career. I am sure that it would have assisted me in juggling work and school with a little less stress and a more open mind. I am appreciative of what Dr. Leichtfuss has taught me, and I can see myself improving in my thinking skills from here on out.”

Written by:  Bruce Harned

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor