Local students become interactive with Surgical Technology

Boys and girls dressed in surgical apparel in operating room

Moraine Park hosted 8th grade students district-wide on Thursday, January 12, to interact with local businesses and programs at our College.

Surgical Technology Instructor, Chad Bratz, opened the Surgical Technology classroom and transformed it into a surgical suite.

Chad shared that the students viewed a brief video about the different roles in the OR, then had a chance to don surgical attire, including gowns, masks, hats, and gloves.

Three sample operating rooms were set up, demonstrating ear, leg, and abdominal surgeries, along with the different tools required.  A laparoscopic camera and instruments were demonstrated to show different surgical techniques. Many anatomical models were available to visualize the eye, heart, and bones of the leg.  Some students played the Operation board game, while others disassembled and reassembled the manikins.

They we able to see the inside of our simulated ORs and hold real surgical instruments.  Chad had the opportunity to answer many excellent questions today.

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Written by Chad Bratz, Surgical Technology Instructor

Written by Heddy Pahnke
Administrative Assistant-Nursing