May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Six motorcycle safety students with instructor that is leaning on motorcycle at Moraine Park

The weather is getting nicer (even in Wisconsin!) and there are more bikes on the road.  Motorists are asked to stay alert for bikes, but motorcyclists need to remember they are harder to see and ride accordingly.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) reminds riders that motorcycle safety starts with 5 = zero – 5 key points equals zero deaths on Wisconsin roadways.

Here are the five:

  • Ride unimpaired. Motorcycle riding is more of an activity for the eyes and mind than hands and feet. Drugs and alcohol impair both the ability to see and process information quickly and accurately.
  • Wear protective, conspicuous gear, including a helmet. You need be seen as well as see, and the right gear will help protect you in the event of a crash.  Head injuries are the number one cause of motorcycle fatalities.
  • Get trained and licensed. Wisconsin riders need to be licensed – it’s the law.  And there is no substitute for good training.
  • Use safe riding practices. Riders know what the safe and correct decisions are.  They need to follow through when they ride.
  • Inspect and maintain your motorcycle. Your life depends on it.

Both new and experienced riders can benefit from classes offered by Moraine Park Technical College.  They are available through September.  Check out

NOTE: Blog submitted by Kim Rudat, Moraine Park motorcycle safety instructor. 

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