Medical Assisting Student Shares Her Thoughts …

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Christina Kreuser completed the requirements for the Medical Assisting Program in January 2017. She started her job as a medical assistant in February 2017. Christina recently shared the following information about her experience.

  • What is your background?

I worked in a factory doing quality control most of my adult life.  When I got pregnant with my son, I was blessed enough to have a supportive family that I was able to go back to school to obtain my medical assistant degree.

  • What made you choose a career in medical assisting?

I wanted to change my career because I’ve always liked working with people.  I also wanted a profession with better hours and a cleaner setting.

  • When did you attend MPTC?

I started in January 2014 and completed the requirements in January 2017.  The 1 year program took me a total of three years going part-time.

  • Was there an experience you most liked at Moraine Park?

During my practicum I was fortunate enough to get in with Froedtert in West Bend.  I was told by my preceptors to apply and they’d put in a good word for me.

  • Where has your career led you since completing the program and how are you enjoying your line of work?

I was hired in February of 2017.  I’ve absolutely loved my experience and so grateful to land a job with a great provider and crew.

  • What advice do you have for others considering this line of work.

My advice for upcoming students in this field would be to not get worked up over the skill check offs.  Working in the field is much different than the school setting.  Moraine Park is here to give you a head start in these skills, but your efficiency and comfortability will come when you’re actually doing it.

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Written by Sarah Chojnacki
Medical Assistant/Office Instructor