Sharpen Your Kitchen Skills … Literally!

Female Culinary student filleting a fish

On a scale of 1-10, how good of a chef are you?

1 – No one lets me near the kitchen…take-out all the way!

5 – I can hold my own.

10 – Food Network is calling and wants me to have my own show!

That question is what instructor, Ron Speich, asks students before they get started in the “Cut Like a Chef” class.  Not that it matters how you answer the question, this class and all our Community Education Foods courses are for beginners to experts and anyone in-between! In this specific class, Ron shows students the correct way to hold a knife and properly cut food to turn them into culinary experts! The skills learned in “Cut Like a Chef” are skills that you willgarnish-like-a-chef1 be able to use over and over again, making your kitchen experience so much easier.  A student from last year’s “Cut Like a Chef” course shared her experience.

“I actually use my chef knife much more and my electric food processor much less. The skills I learned really help save prep and clean up time in the kitchen, resulting in more fresh healthy meals at home. I highly recommend this course and plan to take more courses like it at MPTC.” – Kris

Due to popular demand, Ron has now started a “Cut Like a Chef – Part 2” to help students learn additional knife skills in the kitchen.

Moraine Park Technical College Community Education Foods courses allow you to refine and enhance your kitchen skills in a fun and easy way. If you want to cut like a chef or cook like a chef, there is a wide variety of classes you can pick from like pie making, cake decorating, Greek cooking and healthy cooking.  These classes are usually one evening during the week and you get to cook up some great food.  You can usually sample too!

Check out the link to find upcoming Foods courses,

Written by Samantha Story