Moraine Park Technical College Introduces One-Year Class Schedule

Moraine Park Technical College will now make available a one-year class schedule, allowing students to look a year or more ahead at the College’s course offerings. In early November 2022, students will be able to not only search for classes in the spring and summer 2023 semesters but will also be able to see class availability through the summer of 2024.

“The one-year class schedule will provide students access to class offerings like never before,” Dr. Fred Rice, associate vice president of academics at Moraine Park, said. “Students will know what classes are being offered and can plan their Moraine Park journey accordingly. This means for one-year programs, students will have the opportunity to map out their entire program schedule.”

Previously, class schedules were released one term at a time, meaning students could only see course offerings for the upcoming semester.

“This is such a positive win for students,” Dr. Rice said. “The one-year class schedule will make it easier for students to make full use of their financial aid and proactively manage and balance work and home life needs.”

This advanced schedule will also benefit local high school students who wish to take advantage of dual credit opportunities and earn both high school and college credit through Moraine Park’s Start College Now program.

“The new one-year class schedule will allow high school students to view Moraine Park’s class offerings semesters ahead of time so they can plan to participate in college courses at the same time they are planning out their high school class schedules,” Dr. Rice said.

To view Moraine Park’s class schedule, visit Future semesters will be available to view after Nov. 1.

Written by Emilie Wilson