The year 2020 was a time of the big paradigm shift.  What is a paradigm shift anyway? We learn from Merriam-Webster that it is . . . “a view or way in which we look at things. The way we use to look at the world has changed. What use to be, is no more.”  

For example, the way we used to look at work and home life. Wake up, get the kids ready for school, pick up a coffee from Kwik trip or McDonald’s as you drive to work, start at 9 a.m., drive to a local restaurant for lunch, finish up the day and by 5pm you are on your way back home. After a quick supper, get the kids to piano lessons, softball or football practice, maybe head to your bowling or trap shooting league.

Perhaps your scenario is a bit different now. Maybe the kids are home, you double as school teacher, and log in to zoom meetings.  Maybe you have no job to go to (either by your choice or forced upon you). A shift in what use to be.

What now?

Time to reflect on what’s next. Ask yourself – Where do I see myself moving forward? A new way to look at your home and work life – a paradigm shift for sure. Take a look from a fresh perspective. Sarah Young, in her devotional book, encourages us to move forward. “Don’t let recent disappointments and failures define you or dampen your expectations. This is the time to make a fresh start!”

A Fresh Start

You have an opportunity to start new. A chance to re-invent yourself. Not sure where to start? Give a call to one of the Careers Instructors at Moraine Park Technical College. Take a “free” Career Assessment. Create a personal growth plan. We are here to listen, encourage, and support you.

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Written by Rhonda Roehrig