MPTC exceeds expectations

Ashlend Steger is enrolled in the Small Business Entrepreneurship program at Moraine Park Technical College and finds that Moraine Park Technical College has not only met, but exceeded her expectations for a college and helps her succeed.

I toured many different colleges and programs before finally choosing to attend Moraine Park Technical College. I was drawn to the friendly and helpful atmosphere displayed by the recruiters, professors, and advisors of Moraine Park Technical College. Moraine Park has met my needs as a student by being affordable compared to the tuition costs of a two or four year university. With the lower tuition costs, I am able to carry little to no student debt after I graduate. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that after I graduate I won’t be spending years of my career or life paying off huge amounts of student loans.

Another thing about this school that has met my needs as a student is having flexibility. The scheduling with classes and other activities allows for a student to still be able to work or have a family if they choose. While attending Moraine Park, I am still able to maintain my work status, yet can still achieve my academics and met the standards to be on the Dean’s List for many semesters.

Moraine Park truly cares about the student and their success. From day one of walking into class, the professors make every effort to ensure their students are welcomed and getting the best experience possible. I really like the many different resources Moraine Park offers to their students, too. Resources like the Student Success Center, Employment Services, Veteran Services, and Disability Services to name a few are available for the students to better benefit themselves while going through their college process.

Moraine Park Technical College has not only met, but exceeded my expectations for a college. A friendly and helpful atmosphere displayed by all who are involved with this school, has surely helped bring out the positivity and success in myself as a student at Moraine Park! 

Written by Ashlend Steger
Small Business Entrepreneurship student
Moraine Park Technical College 

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor