MPTC Graduate recognizes how knowledge about media affects career success

Aanjelynn Coyne Photo for Blog

“I graduated from Moraine Park Technical College from the Business Analysis program in May, 2019. I plan to enroll in the Marketing and Social Media Management program at MPTC for the Fall 2019 semester. Having a business background, along with a future in marketing and social media, the importance of mass communication is obvious to me, which is why I took the Introduction to Mass Communication course with Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss.”

“Mass communication paves the way for various career paths, most specifically, journalism, public relations, event management, advertising, visual communications, and marketing. Mass communication mediums, such as radio, television, newspaper, and social media, represent platforms that individuals in these fields will likely utilize. However, having an understanding of the functions and benefits of mass communication is necessary for success in any career field, because we live in a world that is dominated by mass communication.  It surrounds us.  As new technology and mass media continue to grow and change, professionals in all industries will need to keep up with the rapid changes. Communication skills, such as active listening, verbal communication, and the ability to write well are needed. These skills also provide a strong foundation for potential roles within mass communication fields.”

“I feel that my coursework in mass communications at MPTC, specifically the Introduction to Mass Communication course that I took as an online course, helped to further prepare me for my career in the marketing field. “

Written by: Anjelynn Coyne, MPTC Graduate 2019

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor