My Moraine Park Experience: Volume 1

female students work at computers in human resources classroom

As yet another academic year winds down here at Moraine Park, let’s take some time to check out the experiences of a few of our students, or what skills they find most valuable for their career field, in their own words:

My future = success


“My experience has been great at Moraine Park. I enjoy the individual attention that small class sizes allow; you’re not lost in the shuffle of a large university. The instructors want to see my classmastes and myself succeed.  I know my education at Moraine park and career success will allow me to enjoy my hobbies – like ice fishing.”

Jacob Aumann – Future Graduate of Spring 2018, HVAC Program

samantha-meYou can return to school…

“Going back to school after a lengthy break terrified me. My first day at Moraine Park went extremely well. My instructor made me feel like I belonged and that succeeding was definitely going to happen in all that I chose to do. Furthermore, I believe that Moraine Park was an amazing choice to achieve my goals of becoming a paralegal. Thank you Moraine Park!”

Samantha Gingras – Future Graduate 2020 – Paralegal


Increasing my knowledge every day

“My experience at Moraine Park continues to benefit me.  The courses I have taken so far has increased my knowledge in the Nursing field and helps me in my current job responsibilities as a CNA. Specifically, my writing course – English Composition I – proved to be useful because a Nursing career requires a lot of charting and paperwork.”

Sierra Belger – Future Graduate 2020 – Nursing Program

Communication essential for Nurses

mitch“Learning how to write and communicate is essential for success in any career. Writing in my chosen career of Nursing needs to be exceptional because I will create charts, reports, and lab documentation. I often find writing to be a “universal remote” that helps to “activate or turn on” communication.

Mitchell Sego – Future Graduate – Nursing Program

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor