My Moraine Park Experience: Volume 2

nursing student works with Mannequin at Moraine Park

As yet another academic year winds down here at Moraine Park, let’s take some time to check out the experiences of a few of our students, or what skills they find most valuable for their career field, in their own words:


My father’s influence on my career choice…

“After a lot of consideration, I chose a goal for myself to work toward entering the design industry.  My father, a Mechanical Designer who has already achieved his goal, was a strong influence on my choice to attend Moraine Park for their highly respected Mechanical Design Technology program.”

Sean Callan – Future Graduate


My Nursing Education Journey at MPTC

“My journey through nursing school started out pretty rough, but then I met someone who told me about Moraine Park Technical College. I applied and the process was easy.  Now I’m here for my third semester, and I absolutely love this college. I would not have made it this far in my journey if I didn’t have such caring and kind instructors. I look forward to completing my Nursing education journey at Moraine Park Technical College.”

Amanda Modisett-Brown – Future Graduate 2020 – Nursing Program

nicoleSupport from Faculty and Program Advisors makes a difference

“I enjoy attending Moraine park because the faculty supports my learning with all aspects. The instructors take time to meet with me and help me – in person or online.  I also appreciate my  program advisor, who also meets with me to plan my course schedule.”

Nicole Hermann – Future Graduate – Nursing Program

Confident in dream becoming a reality


“As my first year at Moraine Park comes to an end, my professors taught me to be successful in the Medical field by first becoming a CNA and in the future to be a hard working successful nurse. With their continued help this year, I am confident that my dream will become a reality.”

Jillian Jaycox – Future Graduate 2020 – Nursing Program

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor