Student Success Center: We Are Here to Help!

Student Success Center

Having trouble with APA citations? Solving algebraic equations? Completing that graphic organizer?  The staff at the Student Success Center (SCC) is here to help!  At the Student Success Center, students can get help with course work from various classes for FREE! 

Many students come to the SSC for assistance in researching, organizing, and editing papers.  Staff can also help with APA formatting, which is new to many MPTC students.  Students can also get help with math course work.   If you are unsure whether we can help, please come in and ask.  Many students like to come to the SSC for a quiet place to work, where help is available if needed!

Jasmine Garcia, a pre-core nursing student, utilized the SSC weekly this past fall for help on her Chemistry and Intro to Psychology course work.  “I like the nice quiet environment and how there are not too many distractions. I also really like the instructors who work in the SSC. They are very friendly and happy to help. When I was struggling with chemistry, I was a little nervous to come to the SSC to ask for help at first, but I am really glad that I made myself go,” Garcia stated.

“The SSC helped me be successful in many ways. I recently graduated from high school this past May, and throughout my high school career, I always needed a lot of extra help from my teachers with math. I knew that in college my instructors would probably not be available as much as my teachers in high school were. The SSC has a great availability of schedule for you to come in and work on things. I usually like to get started on homework right away in the morning, and the SSC was always available for me to go and get things done right away. Overall, it is a nice resource to go to work on homework or study for any class. I am really glad that the SSC is available for students because without it, I would be struggling in a lot of my classes,” said Garcia.

For more information, visit the or visit any of the campus locations!

Beaver Dam K-316  920-887-4436

Fond du Lac A-216 920-929-2108

West Bend W-137 262-335-5775

Written by Bobbi Mand