Providing Tax information on your FAFSA is easy – no ~ really it is!

DATA entry can be tedious, mundane and nitpicky – but for the FAFSA it is critical to get all of the correct information entered on the FAFSA ~ especially tax information!

The government has devised a way to assist you with that on the application for federal aid; it is call the Data Retrieval Tool.

You will need to log in to the FAFSA website, create an FSA ID or your electronic signature, and then start filling in the necessary information.

When it gets to you and your parent’s tax questions, you will answer a few answers that help to determine if you can use the Retrieval Tool or not.

If you are able to, the on-line application walks you through the process of retrieving your information from the IRS.

Don’t forget to say yes you would like to transfer the information or it will not happen.

Once complete, you move back in to the FAFSA to sign and submit the FAFSA. The process of updating a FAFSA to current information can take less than 20 Minutes. IT’S SO EASY!!! Now that you know – what are you waiting for??? Go file your FAFSA.

And for more help with any of your financial aid or FAFSA questions, click here!

Written by Triena Bodart
Financial Aid Manager