How Do You Choose “Forever”?

— by Rebecca Moehr-Lambrecht

Rebecca Moehr-Lambrecht headshot

Choosing a career path that will alter the rest of your life can be an overwhelming and scary task. Careful consideration must go into your interests and your needs. Everyone chooses their “forever” in a different manner, but for me, I chose my “forever” based on several factors that my life needed and wanted.

I never believed I would make it to college. It seemed unreachable since I have a son I am 100 % responsible for. How could I possibly go to school, work, and take care of him? There seemed to be too many obstacles standing in my way. I would constantly look at the programs on the Moraine Park website and see if anything was of interest to me. Every time I looked on the website, the legal classes grabbed my attention the most. Moraine Park seemed like a wise choice for education. It was local, affordable, and had a variety of class options. My final decision came down to a few key things:

  • Class options- Moraine Park offered both online and in person classes that would work with my son’s schedule.
  • Program- Legal Administrative Professional was an interesting area to study and learn. I could work in an office setting that was not boring and I would not have to work weekends.
  • Wages- I needed and wanted to make good money when I graduate.
  • Flexibility- The classes I would be taking would not limit me to working only in a law office. I could work in any office setting based on the skills taught to me at Moraine Park.

Choosing your “forever” is scary and rewarding. Life takes us on a journey of unexpected turns and obstacles that lead us to greater lessons learned. I am proud of where I am and am curious to where I will end up. I encourage everyone to take a leap into their “forever”. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish and you will find it is not as scary as it once seemed.

Written by Amy Harmsen