Business Practice Firm class donates over $650

This past semester (fall 2017) a group of talented students from the Business Practice Firm class were given the task of creating a business and selling a product in order to profit from the work. The class collaborated on many small business ideas, ultimately deciding on a candle company. With the holiday season in full swing, they decided candles not only make great gifts, but they become increasingly popular as the cooler winter months approach.

Like an “actual” business, students had many different roles: Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Production. Departments met each week to share their progress and brainstorm any potential issues and prepare for the week ahead.

The candles were homemade with soy wax in a variety of fragrances and colors. The scents included caramel apple, cranberry, pumpkin spice, and vanilla; and, were produced in the Moraine Park Technical College kitchen by the Production Team.

All of the proceeds – $688.20 – were donated to those affected by the 2017 Hurricane Disasters; specifically, All Hands Volunteers.

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Written by Amy Harmsen