Hired Before Graduation: “Say yes to opportunities!”

Female Moraine Park student standing against brick wall in grad apparel and diploma

Have you considered a career in Human Resources, but you aren’t sure what to do next?

Consider some advice from Lauren Stiever, who not only earned her associate associate of applied science degree in Human Resources from Moraine Park Technical College, she had a job lined up in her career before graduation.

A degree and a job? Not bad!

Lauren was hired by Helgesen Industries as an HR assistant.

“The hands on learning at MPTC made a huge difference in my ability to use my skills in the workplace. Also, the teachers that truly care about you and your success make Moraine Park stand apart,” Lauren said.

So about that advice? Lauren said that if you feel like Human Resources may be a good fit for you, then don’t hesitate to dive in!

“Say yes to opportunities, even if you think you aren’t ready. If you wait until you’re ready, you will be waiting forever, and there is too much to learn and do at MPTC for that. Join a club! Get involved and meet people. When it comes time to get an internship and/or a job, you will be very glad you made those connections!”

Next up, Lauren said she hopes to continue her education and obtain a Bachelor’s in business and get further certification as she’s able.

Good luck, Lauren!

To learn more about Moraine Park’s Human Resources program, among others, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

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