Meet Macy!

Macy Admin Assistant Program

“My name is Macy Moldenhauer. I live in Hartford, Wisconsin, and have lived there since I was two.
I attended Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson, Wisconsin and graduated in 2015. I then did two years at UW-Washington County and earned my Associate of Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree in 2017. I took the following year off from school because at that point I was still undecided about what to pursue for a career. During that time, I worked as a waitress at Ponderosa and a receptionist at Nail Essentials in Hartford.

During my free time, I enjoy reading, shopping, watching movies, singing, listening to music, watching sports, going out with friends, and spending time with my family at the lake.

I started Moraine Park Technical College in the fall of 2018 and am currently in my second semester in the Administrative Professional Program. I chose this program because the career options and outcomes associated with it relate to the kind of person I am and have become through my job experiences. I am very organized, hard-working, and personable, and this program further prepares me in the areas of customer service and business communications. Through both my waitressing and reception job, I have grown to enjoy working with customers and have learned much more about the business field. This program is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in these areas and continue them in my professional career.

I like that this program is much more “hands-on” training rather than typical college classes, which consist mainly of long lectures and exams. The courses in this program give me the opportunity to practice new skills every day, skills that I will use on a regular basis in my future administrative career. The instructors in this program have been so helpful to me, and I greatly appreciate their kindness and dedication in what they do.

I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2020, where I will be earning my second Associate Degree. After graduating, I hope to find an Administrative Assistant position in the service/manufacturing or educational field. My ultimate goal, however, is to become an Executive Assistant in a larger company or corporation, where I will be able to perform higher-level administrative duties.

Nail Essentials has provided me with plenty of customer service experience over the past four years. I think that is why I found all of my customer service classes at Moraine Park to be a breeze! They were great refreshers, however, and I learned a lot more about the customer service industry through them. As a receptionist, I am only able to learn the very basics of business, but my program at MPTC provides me with several business and accounting courses that further educate me in this field of study. I have also completed several computer literacy and typing programs, as well as a business document formatting class, all of which I am unable to learn about at my job.

I am only in my second semester of the program yet I feel I have already learned a great deal about what it means to be an administrative professional.

What I like most about Moraine Park is the incredible staff and the support they give to their students. My instructors are always willing to help and are very understanding no matter the situation. They are aware of the fact that most students work part-time or full-time outside of school, so the amount of homework they give each week is never unbearable. Finally, I appreciate their efficient communication; if I ever need to e-mail an instructor, they always answer back within the same day. “

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Written by Amy Harmsen