“I want to set an example for my children”

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— Written by Dawn Weber, Administrative Professional student and December 2016 graduate

Hello Friends!  My name is Dawn Weber.

I am a widow and mother of three children. I am very much involved in my community. Not only am I a football mom, wrestling mom, golf mom, baseball mom, and softball mom, but I am a member of the American Legion Auxiliary Post 146. I am also on the Board of Directors of Wings Over Wisconsin Beaver Dam Chapter and hold the elected position of Secretary. I organize and manage events and projects within our chapter along with marketing everything for our chapter. I track all membership and prepare the financials for our chapter after our annual banquet. With this position comes great responsibility and I wanted to better myself in the position. I wanted to become more knowledgeable and more efficient. When my oldest son graduated from high school and college was the discussion, I decided that I would also go to college. Not only did I want to set an example for my children, but also pursue a career that I didn’t have the chance to do since I was raising a family. I decided to enroll in school full-time at Moraine Park Technical College and didn’t look back.

The Associates of Applied Science Administrative Professional program caught my eye. The program entailed everything that I wanted to experience and better myself in. After looking at all the programs at Moraine Park Technical College, that was the program that I applied for. After a couple weeks, I got the letter of acceptance and I was on my way to being a full-time student.

After being in the program for  two years and now graduating this semester (December 2016), I am very happy that I chose the Administrative Professional program at Moraine Park Technical College. I enjoyed all the experiences and knowledge that I acquired in each class. The instructors were amazing! The classes I took evolved me into a more confident, stronger business professional.

I would recommend the Associates of Applied Science Administrative Professional program at Moraine Park Technical College to anyone that works within an office setting. It covers all aspects needed in the office including software experience, typing speed, business document processing, business communications, document management, marketing and business publications, business technology, accounting, team building and problem solving, event planning, and overall help you evolve into the business professional you need to be.

With hard work, I now have my Associates of Applied Science Administrative Professional degree; and, I couldn’t be prouder! My long-term goals are to acquire employment after graduation. I hope for success! I also intend on pursuing my Bachelors in Leadership and Organizational Studies.

Enroll today; your future is waiting!

Written by Amy Harmsen