Purple Hair: Why You Should Care

Moraine Park Social Media & Advertising Manager, Carol Moore getting hair washed in Cosmetology

Herein lies another adventurous day at Moraine Park. My name is Carol and I am the Advertising and Social Media manager at the college. I started my position at Moraine Park in January, 2016, and one of the first things that I realized is that the college’s programs and curriculum are relevant, hands on, and backed up with the highest end equipment and resources.

So, as I have slowly made my way around the college into classrooms it has been awe inspiring to see students prepare themselves for their field, especially with the support and dedication of staff and faculty.

Check out my latest and greatest adventure at Technique Salon.

I went into the salon with grown out roots. My hair was a post-workout mess of sweat that had gotten in a fight with a burr bush just the evening prior. I rinsed it out in hopes that it would look a little less terrifying than it was. I am hoping that my shameless display of embarrassing selfies below demonstrate just how excited and dedicated I am to showing off our Cosmetology program, students and instructors.


Upon my arrival I was greeted at the desk and one of our cosmetology students, Miranda, lead be back to the chair. It had a name placard at her station and a framed photo of her and her friends off to the left. Shortly after Miranda got me settled, Eileen, a Cosmetology instructor, came over and they consulted about what I was looking to have done. They asked questions and got to know a bit about my preferences and past experience. Eileen was busy as can be, making sure that all students working in the salon that morning had support and the customers were confident and comfortable!


The first step was getting the highlights going. I got a darling up-do and Miranda got to work on my highlights after getting the products all ready for my hair. What amazed me was not only Miranda’s, but her fellow students’, soft skills as I sat in the chair. We chatted without a ounce of awkward silence about post-graduation aspirations, our mutual Fond du Lac connections and addicting Instagram hair tutorials. They helped me get some live feed of the process to post to Facebook and even provided a bit of their own commentary. Check out the videos at the bottom of the post!


The rinse was next. As any fellow fake-blonde might have experienced, the rinse out is the scary part! Past experiences at other salons have left me with bleached scalp or under-processed hair from time to time. I must say that Miranda was nothing short of meticulous, intentional and patient with the process.


My hair is a natural ball of curl. You will have to keep scrolling to see my hair in its natural state, but we had to get my hair dry quickly so that we could begin with the purple dye! I was excited to be back in action with outgrowth gone and impending excitement about the pop of color we were about to add.


Beneath the foils is a bold statement – purple hair dye. We decided to go with a darker mix and just a few foils with diagonal cross sections of my hair.


After another rinse out and a little product, you can see the final result below. The pop of color is a fun little boost to any hair-do that hides nicely if need be, but peeks up with the right use of bobby pins. While I might not be able to smile with my eyes open, and my bobby pinning is far from even, I hope this gives you a good idea of just how hands on our exceptional students are.


You might just need to stay tuned for the next before and after. Ideas were tossed around involving purple balayage and more fun with colors.

If you have an interest in a career in Cosmetology, click here to learn more about the program. Heck, you could even drop by Technique Salon and get your hair done while hearing from current students about the program!

Technique Salon’s hours and prices can all be found here. You are sure to be impressed by the prices and can get a sweet deal on a brand new do.

To finish this post off, I want to send a personal shout out to Miranda. Way to rock it! I am so excited to see where your journey takes you.

Check out the live feed videos below!

Highlight rinse out:

Purple color application:

Purple color rinse out:

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