Spring 2016 nursing graduates pinned

Pinning of 2016 Moraine Park nursing graduates

The nursing “pinning” ceremony, a time-honored tradition that marks the official initiation into the profession, was held Friday night May 20th across all three Moraine Park campuses.

768It is steeped with historic symbolism that dates back to the 12th century when monks were awarded a pin and took an oath to care for the sick. Florence Nightingale, known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, the founder of professional nursing, was awarded the Red Cross of St. George for her tireless work in the Crimean War; she in turn bestowed the honor with a specialized pin to her graduates.

Each school of nursing adopted it’s own pin and since 1880, graduates have been pinned in a candlelight ceremony (symbolic of the lamp Nightingale carried while making night rounds).

The Nightingale Pledge is then recited by the new graduates, as well as the nurses present to pin the new nurses. The pinning is often times more meaningful than the graduation itself.  Our best wishes to the new nursing graduates of MPTC!! You have excellence instilled in you!

To learn more about Moraine Park Technical College’s nursing program, visit morainepark.edu/programs.
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Written by Heather Evenson
Nursing Instructor