TECHBOTS UPDATE: Champions will collide!

Student operating techbot with remove control

Moraine Park’s Integrated Manufacturing Classes are required of students in the Mechanical Design, Process Engineering Technology, and Mechatronics programs.  Students in these programs take the course together and work in cross-functional teams to complete a project.  This year’s project was a Techbot competition.  Four teams in the evening class and four teams in the day class built remote-controlled robots to compete against each other by battling in an 8ft x 12ft cage.  Each team designed and built their Techbot from scratch.  Limitations included a $250 budget and a 15-pound weight limit.

Preliminary rounds were on Wednesday, May 4 for the evening class, and Friday, May 6 for the morning class.

Champions of both classes were crowned, and now the final battle for supremacy between these two Techbot champions will take place this Wednesday night (May 11) for ultimate bragging rights.

So which bots have taken down all other challengers so far?

Drum roll please  …

The top bots are Chips Miller for the morning group, and Flippin Awesome for the night group! Congrats to these squads!

Here’s a video look back so far at the tournament …



The first Wednesday evening match was Penetrator vs. Magic Smoke.  Neither bot was disabled during the original match, but in overtime, the Penetrator disabled Magic Smoke for the win.

The second Wednesday evening match was BeeFKaM vs Flippin Awesome.  Neither bot was disabled during the original match nor during overtime, and the judges declared Flippin Awesome the winner as BeeFKaM was late getting to the ring for the start of the match.


In the Evening Championship match, the Penetrator became disabled and Flippin Awesome was the Evening Champion.


The first Friday morning match was between Chips Miller and the Breakfast Club.  In a short, but exciting match, the Breakfast Club became disabled and Chips Miller moved on to the Days Championship Match:

In the second Friday morning match, ManBearPig disabled the Problem Child to move on to the Days Championship match.


In the Days Championship Match, Chips Miller took advantage of ManBearPig when its weapon became lodged in the side of the arena and promptly disabled it in thrilling fashion.

Once again, the Techbots Championship will be decided Wednesday.  The match will start sometime between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m., with a battle of all remaining operational Techbots to follow.

And now that the finals are set, here’s a preview of the two titans set to do battle:






TEAM MEMBERS: Keith Bahrke, Ethan Vetter, Rob Fricke

TEAM NAME: The Whippersnappers

CLASS: Morning


  • A substantial hollow square shaped turning mechanical roller that is made of solid steel.


  • Chose the substantial weapon to spin in reverse allowing for possible flipping of opponents bot.
  • We needed light weight under 15 lb. max. so we chose the rest of the bot to be made of aluminum instead of steel.


  • Most interesting was researching and coming up with designs.
  • Most challenging was the redesigning and getting all the parts made and made to fit together properly; especially because the main person who designed it kind of dropped out in the middle of the process.
  • We had a competitive design in the beginning to go with, but we chose his because he had made one very similar in another class and everybody in the group really liked the weapon. But we scrambled with help and insight from instructors and found ways to get the bot ready for assembly.




TEAM MEMBERS: John Arts, Jenny James, Julian Rodriguez, Derik Waterman, Nicholas Walter

TEAM NAME: Team Awesome

CLASS: Evening


  • Catapult
  • Angled front attack
  • Two sided drivability
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • We selected materials based on several factors.  The material had to be readily available and cost effective.  We chose material that was strong, yet light weight.  The material also had to be easy to machine.
  • We chose a wedge shape for our robot.  The shape is strong and compliments our catapult weapon.  It is also an easier shape to defend, and having a strong defense was as important to us as a strong offense.


  • The members of our team come from 2 different programs:  Mechanical Design and Process Engineering.  We used skills from our different programs, as well as the personal knowledge of each of the members in the group.  Our group got out of the gate fast with a design and got right to work machining and fabricating components.
  • Our most challenging part of the construction was collaborating and coming up with a strategy to shed weight and keep our bot under 15 lbs.

Let us know who you think will win this final clash comment section below!

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