The Math Myth

Moraine Park female student doing paperwork at desk

A high school advisor once told me, “You are good at math; you should be an accountant.” I had no idea what an accountant did and, frankly, I don’t think my advisor fully understood.

As a certified public accountant, I can honestly say that I mostly use math skills that I learned in grade school. Does that make me overpaid? Absolutely not!

Perhaps myths have an element of truth. People who enjoy math are often problem-solvers. They are willing to listen as people explain the problem. They like to ask questions to ensure they have the facts, and they have a strong desire to develop useful recommendations. Indeed, this is the nature of accounting.

Does math aptitude help? Absolutely! It improves your ability to analyze data.

Do you need to have earned an “A” in Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry? Thankfully, no.

If you are the go-to person whenever someone has a business-related problem, chances are you are suited to accounting. Explore the possibilities at Moraine Park by visiting

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Written by Joan Falter
Accounting Instructor