Thinking Critically & Creatively

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“As a Website Design/Developer student at Moraine Park, I need to know how to code and design websites, and how to troubleshoot issues by thinking critically and creatively.  I recently completed the Think Critically and Creatively class with Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss at MPTC and learned how to really think outside the box. 

Throughout the course, I learned how to get to the focus of an issue by using the Elements of Thought model.  This model proves essential for solving problems by making sure you are concentrating on the correct issues and not only the facts.  Failure to identify what you are trying to achieve for a purpose and the problem or issue to solve will lead to poor outcomes.  Website Design and Development for clients requires this type of critical and creative thinking throughout the entire process of designing and building a website to be the most effective for a business.  The actual design and development of a website represents only a small part of what is needed when working with clients.  For instance, you must identify the audience a business seeks to reach, conduct research, and determine how you are going to design a site that will attract customers.  Critical and creative thinking plays a significant role in this process. 

I’m looking forward to graduation in May, 2019, and I know that this course has only enriched my knowledge in this area for career success.  I suggest anyone pursuing any type of degree take this course to help improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills.”

Written by Catherine Ziegler
MPTC Student

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor