What’s your favorite app?

Male and female looking at apps on cell phone

Recent statistics tell us there are more than a billion tablets and smartphones in use today using mobile apps. The mobile market’s thirst for for new and better apps just continues to grow. How often have you heard the response “there is an app for that” from someone? Maybe it is that you made the comment or asked a question like:

  • How do I make that drink?
  • I need a new workout routine.
  • I need to go on a diet.
  • I need a recipe for supper.
  • I need a way to organize my coupons when shopping.
  • I need to organize my receipts better.
  • Where can we kayak near you?
  • I have to find a place to say in that area.
  • How did you tie that scarf?
  • I can never tie a tie right.

It seems where ever there is a need, the response comes out that there is ‘an app for that. All you have to do is search the app store for your type of device and you will find several apps to help with any one of those items listed above. Some apps are better than others, some have more features while some have less features. Most people can think of ways to improve on one that they are using or have used.

The boom is on and the future of mobile application development  is bright with no sign of it slowing down in years to come.  According to statista.com, global mobile app revenues are expected to grow to 76.52 billion US dollars in 2017.   Business Insider included the position in its 19 hottest jobs for 2016 list.  Quite an opportunity for anyone looking for a career field that is exploding right now.

So what’s your favorite app?  And how would you improve it?

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Written by Tammy Freund
Web Developer Instructor