100 percenters: Moraine Park’s “RAD” radiography students

Moraine Park Radiography student simulates procedure with female student on table

The Moraine Park Radiography graduating class certainly knows the definitions of the term “RAD.”

According to Dictionary.com, rad is both “a unit used to measure energy absorbed by a material from radiation” and “a slang term for extraordinary; wonderful; awesome, chill, gnarly.” They did a particularly “RAD” job on their national board exams, with all students passing their exam for a 100% pass rate!

The ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) is the national board examination that determines if graduates of accredited programs are competent to perform in the field. The test is composed of 220 question that is completed in a 3.5 hour time frame. Students are tested on their knowledge of all aspects of the field: Patient Care, Safety, Image Production, and Radiographic Positioning.

Students in Moraine Park’s radiography program prepare for this exam starting their first day in class. As instructors, we work hard to incorporate study and preparation continuously in the curriculum and do practice tests and activities to best prepare our students. This information has been incorporated in the classroom and demonstrated out in the clinical setting, where they spend over 1600 hours performing radiological exams.

Clinical experience helps the Moraine Park students with soft skills such as communication skills, decision making, problem solving, and working as a team in order to accommodate to the variance of workflow and varying patient conditions.

Our graduates also get hired in their field, often times at facilities where they do their clinical experience. This year’s class has a 100% hire rate in their field at employers in our region, such as Agnesian Healthcare, Froedtert Healthcare, Beaver Dam Community Hospital, and UW Health.

I’m so proud of their hard work and wish them nothing but the best on all future endeavors as Radiologic Technologists! ​

If you are interested in learning more about the Radiography program, call Moraine Park at 1-800-472-4554 or visit morainepark.edu/programs.group photo of moraine park radiography students on front steps of fond du lac campus

Written by nseidl