A cure for cancer? Moraine Park instructor pens thriller novel on topic

Moraine Park instructor, Bruce Forciea with book and skeleton

What if a cure for cancer was found by independent researchers? Would the public ever learn of the discovery, or would Big Pharma conceal the Cure to preserve massive profits? The debut novel of Bruce Forciea, anatomy and physiology instructor at Moraine Park Technical College, explores what would happen if such events occurred.

Bruce Forciea, Moraine Park Technical College instructor, releases his debut thriller novel, The X-Cure.

“Even though the story is fiction, it does contain some truth about how alternative medicine is sometimes viewed by mainstream medicine,” said Forciea.

After writing short stories in science fiction for years, he began writing The X-Cure, a full-length novel, in 2014. The novel is a science fiction thriller that pits a small group of scientists against a global pharmaceutical giant in a race to release a cancer cure.

When asked why he wrote The X-Cure, Forciea relates, “During my years as a health care practitioner, I was exposed to a number of alternative medicine treatments for various diseases, and I often wondered if there was a secret combination of treatments that would work to cure diseases such as cancer. I also wondered if Big Pharma would somehow work to discredit or block these treatments from reaching the public, because many alternative treatments are not that profitable. So I set this main idea on an international stage and incorporated espionage, startups, a personal journey and a love story.”

To learn more about Forciea’s book, visit drbruceforciea.com.

To learn more about Moraine Park, visit morainepark.edu.

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