Beaver Dam Weld Club enjoys Viva Las Vegas event

The Beaver Dam Weld Club recently attended the Viva Las Vegas FAB Tech Expo which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trip was made possible through the generous donations received from industry leaders.

Steel donated by sponsors was scraped and recycled by students. Not only does this process provide funding for activities like the trip, it also provides an opportunity for students to learn how to scrap, separate, and recycle steel. The students also raised trip funds by manufacturing deer hangers, tea light figurines, as well as taking on special projects such as repairs on various types of metal jobs related to their training at Moraine Park Technical College.

The Beaver Dam Weld Club would like to thank industry donations of metal received. Also, thanks to the Beaver Dam Student Senate for help making this trip possible through funding provided.


Check out some photos from our trip:

Written by Gary Watry
Welding Instructor